Quackster's random rambelings Part Deux

Monday, February 05, 2007

amazing furniture

check this out !
a chair that folds like an accordian and actually sits pple !


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playboy Bunnies: R they smart?

well according to this article... they are ! *GASP*


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Star wars using hands


check this out !! A scene from starwars reenacted using hands only !

I remember when i was young i used to use my hands to mimic a place (i think it was Galaxy heroes.. the one where ethe characters resemble birds.. ).. quite fun sometimes when we din have portable entertainment units then,.... hahaahah lord knows my kids will probably laugh at me when i try to teach them this next time :P

Friday, January 19, 2007

Of american Love and Minority Reports

check out these 2 links :p

how an indian wife catches her hubby with proof of him cheating on her on USA radio!

Minority Report like user-interface! OOOOOOO I WANT ONE!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Here we are.....


Monday, January 01, 2007

all my bags are packed...

i'm leaving .. on a jetplane...
to go find my baby in HK :p

ought to be exciting hahahhha

tell u all more when i get bac :) ) )

cant ....wait !

Sunday, December 31, 2006

peektures 31122006

scrumptuous meal prepared by my brother and the wife

quick snapshot to send to my dear in macau!:P

Surprise Surprise!

Now over the past month, my bro has been keeping my parents in the dark about something. And that is that he and alison will be coming back on her birthday to celebrate for her. So I know about it as i was to pick him up and stuff and then surprise my mom by cooking steak for her and thus we have a nice family gathering cum mom birthday celebration.

Now my mom has been rather "noisy" because she was bemoaning the fact that my bro should have come bac earlier ah, come bac to celebrate the new year and birthday with her ah etc etc. Basically my mom missed my bro and she dun understand why he dun come bac. Well today we sprung the surprise on her and boy was she happy. HAhahah.. she told us she did suspect a bit because my bro did some stuff that were not of his normal nature. So did i. But well overall i think the effect was good in the end. Dinner's soon and I CANT WAIT !

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Of parties and resolutions...

Last sat rachel threw a threesome.... as in 30something party for her frens at the new disco place called St James powerhouse. The location is rather happening and very soon we run out of sitting space n have to stand around whilst pple r trying to get rachel drunk. Hhahah.. the smoke wasnt doing too well for my dear's eyes though..*hugs*... sorry i shld have been more sensitive abt it...

anyways.. the cake was highlighted by a huge chocolate dick hahaha but was too crowded to see anything else. The supposed "stripper" was disappointing though.

Oh whilst we were driving off, we heard a bang in the carpark of Vivo. Then i looked and noticed this car driving off. It had just hit the wall and had some car parts left behind. Then the car drove off and out of sight. Then i heard another BANG this time. And as we were driving out we saw the car again. This time however it smacked right into the pillar. They brought the guy out and he was STONE DRUNK. Good lord, imagine wat might happen if he manage to get out of the car park and do more damage. Sheesh :(

Yesterday i send off my dear to macau. We spent a wonderful night and its the first time i visited the BUDGET terminal. Good lord what a crappy crappy place. But since they slap on the label BUDGET, guess we are suppose to close 1 eye :p

hope my baby has a great time with her family over in macau ! :p